Record The Orange Album • Band Cirith UngolReleased 1978 • Format cassette, demo
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A cassette demo known as self release, or “Demo Cassette Album” (MySpace), “Demo cassette”, “Orange album”, “Orange demo”, “Orange label”, “Orange cassette” or simply as “Album”. Limited to a few hundred copies.

The orange cassette was a demo that we were giving to friends and I think we sent some out looking for a label.

– Robert Garven, March 2019

The cassette demo “album” had an orange cover, and it was distributed at gigs. Some of the tunes on the orange cassette included “Show You All” sung by Rob, “Route 666” sung by Greg, “We Know You’re Out There” sung by exiting Neal Beattie and entering Tim Baker and “High Speed Love” sung by Tim Baker.

– Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006 


Special Guests:

  • Tim Baker: Lead vocals on High Speed Love, Background vocals.
  • Neil Beattie: Lead vocals on We Know You’re Out There.


title/credittimeRobJerryGregTimNeilwritten / music byexcept for this, first listening to…lyrics
Side One:
Show You All03:20^Lindstromcover: Die Wontcha (2008)Same as Die Wontcha?
High Speed Love04:25*xLindstromcover: Falcon (2004) / original: MySpace (2004?)Same as Falcon?
Neck Romancer03:45*Lindstrom
Use Me03:00^*Lindstrom
Bite Of The Worm04:40* ≪Lindstromoriginal: Servants of Chaos (2001)
Witchdance01:10*Lindstromoriginal: Servants of Chaos (2001)instrumental
Side Two:
King Tut Uncommon03:00^Lindstrom / Garven
Atom Smasher03:25Lindstrom / Garven / Fogleremake: King of the Dead (1984)same as King of the Dead?
We Know You’re Out There04:20*xLindstromoriginal: MySpace (2004?)
Route 66604:00* ≪Lindstrom / Garvencover: Falcon (2004)same as Falcon?


  • All songs arranged by Cirith Ungol.
  • All songs recorded July-August 1978 at Liquid Flame Studios A&B, Ventura, California.
  • Engineered and mixed by Greg Lindstrom, Robert Garven, and Tim Baker.


Show You All, High Speed Love and Route 666 from the cover of Falcon. High Speed Love are from the Matt Baker’s The Cirith Ungol Legion MySpace group (dead link). Bite of the Worm and Witchdance are from the Orange tape and on Servants of Chaos. Atom Smasher has earlier from Orange tape. We Know You’re Out There are from the first Cirith Ungol MySpace.

Orange cassette label is fine, but missing Orange compact audio cassette, and missing the most sound and it’s missing lyrics as well. Do you have a

  • pictures of a compact cassette and/or
  • the sounds and/or
  • the lyrics ?

Please share.

We recorded a 12 track [ed: 11 track] demo cassette (the “Orange Album”) in 1979 [ed: 1978], which we sold locally and at shows. “Bite of the Worm” and “Witchdance” from that cassette are on “Servants Of Chaos”. We sent the cassette out to a lot of  record companies, but I think they were all looking for another Van Halen at that time, so we decided to release an album ourselves.

– Greg Lindstrom, Dark Tales 4/2002

Engineer and mixer

Dokorder – reel to reel tape recorders

Armed with their own Dokorder reel-to-reel 4 track recorder, Cirith Ungol whapped out a tape chock full of their blistering tunes.

– Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

All the songs on this CD were recorded in our 10 x 14 practice room in Rob’s parents’ house on our trusty Dokorder 7140 4 track reel-to-reel and Teac Model 3 mixer.

– Greg Lindstrom, liner notes

Dokorder – Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

TEAC. But which “Teac Model 3 mixer” for Cirith Ungol in 1978? This one?


The bootlegs and the genuines

The first demo are the The Orange Album – December 1977 with yellow/orange background. Mr. Goniloc talked about funny records on video (30 May 2018) on Cirith Ungol. Amongst other thing, The Orange Album released maybe 2018, and is fake. Does it really exists the fake demo in real, or just Internet? Probably just Internet.

The next one is the self-titled Cirith Ungol (1979) and cover is “Praying Skeleton” on white skeleton on black background. And it is also bootleg. Not sure about it’s date, but some years earlier. Maybe released 2002? I have never seen before, just media. Does it really exists the fake demo in real, or just Internet?

Now, there are two demos, The Orange Album (Dec 1977) and the self-titled (1979), or vice versa. There is a Cirith Ungol’s discography that has also has two demo releases, f.ex. Wikipedia, Metal Archives, Youtube,, etc.

But all of these two are fake.

Very funny! The first two releases shown were actually bootlegs. The second was derived from a concert poster I drew!?

– Robert Garven, Goniloc 2018


Probably to have The Orange Album (Dec 1977) on Halloween Party (1976).

I have never seen that, however the art is from a poster I drew for the band I looked and could not find that one in my archives, but still looking.

– Robert Garven, March 2019


The first demo Orange/red tape is nicknamed “Orange album”, etc. (Aug 1978) is genuine. Except that, all of pictures are fake, counterfeit or bootleg.

A short brief with titled:

  • The Orange Album, pyramid yellow/orange background (Dec 1977) – fake
  • The orange album / demo / cassette etc., “Praying Skeleton” orange/red background (Aug 1978) – real
  • Cirith Ungol, “Praying Skeleton” black background (1979) – fake
  • Various drawings is also fake (1977-79) – fake


The second geniune and the last demo are the first Frost and Fire. Sound identical, but not text and pictures.

LP: US (Liquid Flame Records; HM13666)



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