Record Demo 1979 • Band Cirith UngolReleased 2002 • Format bootleg, demo
Check it out here:

Probably demo bootleg. Not sure what year is from.

Almost all of these songs appears on the Servants of Chaos compilation. Whether if any or all of them are the same versions, is uncertain. Title Unknown is probably Witchdance and Feeding the Ants on one track.

Demo 1979 bootleg?Servants of Chaos
1. Frost and Fire (Demo 1979?)3. Frost and Fire (Demo Sep 1979)
2. Last Laugh (Demo 1979?)2. Last Laugh (Demo Sep 1979)
3. Hype Performance (Demo 1979?)1. Hype Performance (Demo Sep 1979)
4. The Twitch (instrumental) (Demo 1979?)9. The Twitch (Demo Dec 1979)
5. Better Off Dead (Demo 1979?)5. Better Off Dead (Demo Dec 1979)
6. What Does It Take (Demo 1979?)
7. Return To Lankhmar (instrumental) (Demo 1979?)12. Return To Lankhmar (Demo Aug 1980)
8. Darkness Weaves (instrumental) (Demo 1979?)13. Darkness Weaves (Demo Aug 1980)
9. A Little Fire (instrumental) (Demo 1979?)
10. Title Unknown
(Witchdance and
Feeding The Ants) (instrumental) (Demo 1979?)
14. Witchdance (Demo Jul/Aug 1978)
15. Feeding The Ants (Demo Sep 1978)


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