Artist Bart Gabriel

He was the webmaster for the Cirith Ungol website ca. 2007-2009. He produced the One Foot in Fire tribute album. His wife Marta Kroczak-Gabriel is the lead vocalist in Crystal Viper, who covered Chaos Rising with Elixir for the Cirith Ungol tribute album. He has also contributed with a lot of stuff for this website.

You can follow his current activities at his website, Gabriel Management.

Tim Baker and Bart Gabriel

Metal Invader: When and how did you start with Skol Records?

Bart Gabriel: Skol Records started in 2009, when I was releasing CD single of Crystal Viper. The single wasn’t in regular sale – it was a part of a board game, but we thought it will look cool if there will be some label name on the disc. I always been very much into Vikings and history of the Nordic lands, and I really liked the Faithful Breath album entitled “Skol”, so this is where the name comes from. I also always liked Michael Whelan’s artwork which landed on the cover of Cirith Ungol’s “King Of The Dead” LP, and Manilla Road’s Smiling Jack, so I wanted our logo to have this horned helmet. By the way: yes, I know that Vikings had no horns on their helmets. But actually, warriors of some of the pre-Viking tribes in the Nordic lands used to wear them, so that myth isn’t that far from the truth.

Picture: right, back.