Song Chaos Rising • Performed by Crystal Viper & ElixirRecorded on Sat 01 Jan 2005 • Originally by Cirith Ungol
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Two bands playing together. This track was AFAIK only ever released on this tribute album. The below information is the line-up for this song.


  • Paul Taylor – vocals
  • Phil Denton – guitars

Crystal Viper

  • Marta Kroczak-Gabriel – vocals
  • Pawel Szczubial – guitars
  • Adam Kowalczyk – guitars
  • Tomek Stanicki – bass
  • Mariusz Pawlowski – drums


We planned to record two songs with Paul and Phil of ELIXIR and one of them was “Chaos Rising”. The guys came to Poland for few days and we recorded two songs together. Sadly, one of them just got lost in the studio by accident. And why did we choose this song? I think, it’s the best song by CIRITH UNGOL and it fits perfectly to CRYSTAL VIPER!

We heard a lot of good words from one of the musicians of CIRITH UNGOL. You know, it was great to hear, that he liked our version!

Marta “Leather Wych” Gabriel (Crystal Viper vocalist), Metal Maidens interview Jul 2008

Marta Gabriel is married to Bart Gabriel, a Polish metal promoter/manager/producer. He was the webmaster for the old official Cirith Ungol website, and he produced and compiled this record along with Sven the Axe from Solemnity Music and.



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