Song What Does It Take • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded on Mon 01 Dec 1980
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Written by Greg Lindstrom. Has been covered by Solemnity.


I think I’m losing my innocence
I’m out to get what I can get
I’d put it down to experience
But I haven’t had any yet

What does it take to get to you? [2x]

Maybe it’s better him than me
A pretty picture but I don’t wanna see
With different faces and different names
They all seem different but they’re all the same

What does it take to get to you? [2x]

Look through me like I’m not there
You always act like you just don’t care
You always see what you wanted to see
Why don’t you take a better look at me?

What does it take to get to you? [6x]



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