Song War Eternal • Performed by Cirith Ungol
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This was the first Cirith Ungol I heard, and I was blown away. It’s still one of my fave CU songs.

All the mediocrity is gladly forgotten when “War Eternal” comes pouring out of the speakers though. Out of all the sing-along type choruses the band were attempting on “One Foot In Hell” on this song it really works the best. The opening “swing” drumming from Robert Garven brings back a taste of the 70’s rock vibe that dominated their “Frost and Fire” album. And the guitar solo sections (thoug the spaced out flange effect of past Fogle glory is missed throughout the record) keeps the faith that Cirith Ungol, while not in absolute top form are still one hell of a band.

King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 1999


A fanvideo, basically just the song with lyrics:


As you stand before the gates of hell the future so unclear
As you stand before the gates of hell the devil draws you near

War Eternal

The doomed one slowly beckons and draws you to his page
He speaks the curse to take your soul along the midnight ride

War Eternal

When he looks into your eyes the skin melts off your back
And when he gets you all alone you know he’ll soon attack

War Eternal

He starts to rob you of your soul you’re trying to fight back
Curse the beast and raise your sword to launch the first attack

War Eternal

The war that stands eternal the battle you can’t win
He’ll rule the world and if he can’t he’ll burn it down with him



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