Song Show You All • Performed by FalconRecorded on Tue 30 Sep 2008 • Originally by Cirith Ungol
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This song was originally recorded by Cirith Ungol on their orange demo album from 1978. It had Rob on vocals. The booklet has a cool artwork for this song which was painted by Robert W. Garven, 1978.


another one by Greg that Cirith Ungol had on their self-released “orange” demo cassette in 1978

Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004


“Show You All” is another old CU song I originally wrote in the late ‘70s that CU used to play live quite a bit, sometimes with a drum solo in the middle. It originally was an “our band is great and other bands suck” type song, but since I’ve grown older and I don’t really feel that way anymore, I revised the lyrics to reflect my disappointment with the modern mega concert experience. You can read the original lyrics in Rob’s artwork in the booklet.

Greg Lindstrom, 21 Jan 2009




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