Song Overture • Performed by RottenOriginally by Cirith Ungol
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A overture of Cirith Ungol. I have not much info about this band. Originally titled “Cirith Ungol Medley” and was planned to be the last track on the album. Line-up for this song:

  • Hans Kuurstra – drums
  • Martjin van den Bergen – guitars & bass


We were asked to do an instrumental of a few Cirith Ungol songs, and Hans came up with this medley of 5 of their songs. We have recorded this intrumental at Rebort Studios, in Monster, Holland in one day. For Hans this is the ultimate tribute as he has met Cirith Ungol a few times in California and is great friends with Robert Garven. Hail to Metal!!!

Martijn van den Bergen (guitars &  bass), liner notes




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