Fenriz (Darkthrone)

Music video

A music video was made for this song.

“We made a video of this song.”

writes Rob in the liner notes for Servants of Chaos.


It’s a bit amateurish…

Greg Lindstrom, interview by Patrick Lefevre


There was also an amateurish music video made of ‘Join the Legion’ right before CIRITH UNGOL broke up in 1992. Jimmy Barraza had quit by then, so Rob had to grab a guy off the street to be the guitar player!

Greg Lindstrom, Headache interview, 2005


It was done by a friend who was in college.  I am sure everyone will see it someday but it was and is not a good representative of what we were really like.  It was lip synced to the music and like Greg said is not very good !

Robert Garven, interview by Patrick Lefevre


The video for Join the Legion was pretty interesting as it was done in an old amphitheater, and I remember having to stand on this narrow ledge something like 15-20ft high and play guitar..I remember it being pretty funny.

Michael Johnson, guitarist at that time


There is a video of “Join the Legion” done by one of our roadies who was taking a class in video production.  The problem with this video was that it was lip synced and Jimmy Barajas who was in the process of leaving the band was replace in the outdoor shots of the video, but a friend of our then bassist Vern.  It was never meant to be seen, and is kind of embarrassing considering how powerful our performances were live. I have sent it to Metal Blade in Europe to put on their web site so that people could see it.  It was not really representative of the band at its peak, but it is better than nothing.

Robert Garven, Saul Essame 1/2002 interview


(Lyrics by Tim Baker)

Our comrades in arms lying dead in the streets
From choking on metal that s spineless and weak.
The Jackals are gloating, with victory in hand.
But the last true believers rise up from the land,

Yeah come on, join the legion (legion)
Yeah come on, join the legion

Howling our metal we light up the world,
And the banner of Ungol is proudly unfurled.
Raising our legion, and now you belong,
And the point of the blade will be screaming our song,

Crushing the upstarts with steel in hand,
Our forces together, and nothing can stand.
The Legion of Chaos shall vanquish the wrong,
And sweep them apage to make way for the strong,



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