Song Half Past Human • Performed by Half Past HumanRecorded on Fri 21 Nov 2003 • Originally by Cirith Ungol
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A re-recording of a old Cirith Ungol song, that was entitled “Half Past Human – Quarter To Ape”.

“High Speed Love” is an old Cirith Ungol tune from the late ’70s. Greg wrote this fun little tune about fast cars. Both Greg and Rob Garven are big car racing fans. They love Ferraris and the like. I’ve never been much of a car geek, but I can understand their obsession with speedy automobiles. Tim Baker sang the original with backups by Rob and Greg.

Perry Grayson


Travel forward into time, to see what’s going to be
Evolution in reverse; an ugly thing to see
Fifty million centuries; Man-Ape ruled the Earth
Science is forgotten, as Darkness sweeps its curse

The dying sun flickers, like a candle in the wind
Man-Ape only laughs; there’s still time for sin
Sacrifices to the Beast; hear their baleful cries
A ritual old as time; for evil never dies

The Beast has arisen; to lead Its Chosen Ones
Into darkness eternal, beneath the dying sun
Underneath the eidolon, the ritual begins
Thirteen screaming souls, to feed the one within

Solo – Perry

Earth is dark and frozen; there’ll never be another dawn
The bloody rule has ended, for mankind’s faithless spawn
Dead disciples, a frozen Earth, but the Beast It does not mourn
It croakes a laugh and turns Its thoughts to worlds as yet unborn

4th Verse Leas Fills – Greg

Solo – Greg



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