Song Frost and Fire • Performed by Holy MartyrRecorded on Wed 01 Jan 2003 • Originally by Cirith Ungol
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A band from Italy that has covered Cirith Ungol.

Band info

This Cirith Ungol cover was originally released on the second edition of the demo “Hatred and Warlust” (2003) and then later included on the One Foot in Fire tribute album. Line-up on this song:

  • Alessandro Mereu – vocals
  • Ivano Spiga – guitars
  • Andrea Mucelli – guitars
  • Carlo Olla – bass
  • Giacomo Macis – drums

Demo with a Cirith Ungol cover, 2003 (private print) [ltd. x500]

  1. Warmonger (A mission of Vengeance and Terror)
  2. Under Siege
  3. Hatred Is My Strength
  4. Son Of A King
  5. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  6. Metallian
  7. Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol-cover)

Demo, private print. Originally released in 2002. Re-released with Cirith Ungol-cover as additional track in 2003. It’s out of print! Click here for more info about the cover.


Strange meetings in the hotel: Holy Martyr & Cirith Ungol#holymartyr #cirithungol #upthehammers #Athens

Slået op af Holy MartyrLørdag den 27. maj 2017

I always had a great interest about obscure and hidden bands from the States I like Cirith Ungol.

Doing a cover was intended to let now to others this underrated band.
I think that Holy Martyr are really different with the approach and the sound.
Frost And Fire was the best choice to put more speed and power, obtaining something similar to Holy Martyr.

Ivano Spiga (guitarist), 28 mar 2010

Additional liner notes are to be found in the booklet for the One Foot In Fire tribute album.



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