The Bright Empire: Fallen Idols. Part 2 of The Chaos Trilogy. Written already in 1987. Music: Cirith Ungol, lyrics: Tim Baker.

Another band has named Fallen Idol (not the song Fallen Idols), tribute to Fallen Idol salutes Cirith Ungol – A tribute to the servants of chaos (2019).




Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing.
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain.
Unleash the final terror- man begins his now doomed reign.

False prophets spread their cursed rule across the poisoned land,
Why must we always choose to put our fate in reckless hands?
Fingers poised on Armageddon, dare they make the fatal move,
And send this dying planet hurling headlong to the tomb.

Broken leaders mark the twisted path that mankind chose.
Final judgement is upon us, vengeance rains its fearful blows.
So we hurl our prayers toward heaven, surely they will heed the call –
But soulless skies just echo with the screams of mankind s fall.



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