Song Fallen Idols • Performed by MonstrumOriginally by Cirith Ungol
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This track was AFAIK only ever released on this tribute album. Line-up on this song:

  • Mariusz Waltos – vocals
  • Marcin Habaj – guitars
  • Damian Zajac – guitars
  • Waclaw Dudek – guitars
  • Tomasz Guzek – bass
  • Przemyslaw Rzeszutek – drums
  • Marek Cyrek – session appearance in choir
  • Lech Birek – session appearance in choir
  • Pawel Rzucilo – session appearance in choir

The band’s goal wasn’t just to create the exact copy of the original song by Cirith Ungol, but to keep the cover in the Monstrum-style. Therefor we have decided that “Fallen Idols” will serve this purpose perfectly.

Monstrum, linernotes

Here is a music video for Monstrum’s Cirith Ungol cover of Fallen Idols. The video is a collection of various skydive clips. Created by Cirith Ungol’s guitarist Jim Barraza.



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