Song Elfland’s Daughter • Performed by FalconRecorded on Wed 01 Oct 2008
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Written by Grayson.

I’ve been working on pre-production of one of my new tunes, “Elfland’s Daughter”, which was inspired by Lord Dunsany’s fantasy novel The King of Elfland’s Daughter.Lizzy influence on this one. Lots of Thin Lizzy influence on this one.

Perry Grayson, 19 Aug 2004

I’ve written my share of fantasy-inspired lyrics. Just look at “Elfland’s Daughter” on Die Wontcha. It was inspired by fantasist Lord Dunsany’s novel. Dunsany came before Tolkien even. I rank him higher than Tolkien! But for the past several years I’ve been penning more reality-based lines. That’s just where my head’s at. We’ve already talked about a lot of issues you get confronted with living in the 2000s. That’s fuel to the fire.

Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009




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