Song Edge Of A Knife • Performed by FalconRecorded on Wed 01 Mar 2006 • Originally by Cirith Ungol
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A re-recording of an old Cirith Ungol tune. Original version appears on Frost and Fire. They have also played this live several times. A live video is available on Youtube, but that is unfortunately in terrible quality.


The six songs we recorded in March with Andrew Sample on drums are nearly done. We did the basic tracks live—that’s the ONLY way to record Falcon—of course. A few overdubs to finish up, then it’s mixing time. The six tunes are: “Throwback”, “Downer,” “Everything There is To Know,” “Edge of a Knife” (Cirith Ungol), “Bad Scene” and “Johanna” (an Iggy & the Stooges cover). The reason behind doing “Throwback” and “Downer” again is ’cause Andrew and Darin play the tunes different than each other. So, we thought we’d give you a chance to hear what those sound like with Andrew drumming.

Perry Grayson, 19 Jul 2006


It’s a little taste of the future Falcon rarities collection. Engineered by yours truly in the Falcon rehearsal room in Downtown L.A., late ’05 with vocals and lead guitar overdubs in early ’06. Mixed by me and Greg Lindstrom. Drums on this one courtesy of Andrew Sample. Enjoy!

-Perry Grayson, 13 Oct 2010



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