Song Downer • Performed by FalconRecorded on Fri 21 Nov 2003
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A song dealing with political issues.

a pessimistic view of how overzealous conservatives try to take away people’s inherent freedoms

Perry Grayson, Headache interview, 2005

This one isn’t about popping pills. Quite the contrary, it’s a philosophy. Taking things raw, without a crutch, heeding “the worse case scene”. There’s also a politically charged bent to the lyrics. The “banished utopia laid to waste before its time” serves the purpose of having a bite at Uncle Sam. Riff-wise, there’s a little tidbit about the intro/outro worth mentioning. Rob Garven, the Cirith Ungol skinsman, said, upon receiving his copy of the S/T Falcon album, “It reminds me of Heart’s ‘Barracuda’. It wasn’t a conscious effort. Just something that occurred by chance. I’ve always felt it owes more to Pentagram (circa Day of Reckoning) and Quartz (think Stand Up and Fight) than anything else. Greg played the honky tonk piano synth in the solo section of this one.

Parry Grayson


A fanvideo by MoebiusCrononauta:



Flying so low to the ground
Cynical view, the world gone wrong
Banished utopia laid to waste before its time
Heeds the worst case scene in his heathen ways
Got no use for a crutch
Solutions bring more questions to your mind
Answers never found

Given life, but born to die
Made to suffer, age and go blind
Given life, but left to die
We’re all goners when doomsday’s near

Slavin’ and wastin’ our time
Spinnin’ the wheel at the same old grind
Taken for granted, trodden and trampled
Fake smiles hiding rage
Jealous masquerade on crooked paths
Will my task be done
When the noose is hung before I die


Downer, doomsyer, downer
Downer, truth-seeker, downer

Solo – Perry



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