This song seems to deal with the same issues as Heaven Help Us from their follow-up album Paradise Lost. A song about pollution. Written by Robert Garven.


“Dommed Planet” delivers with a very catchy chorus and some sure fire devilish guitar playing though the ending passage could have used a bit more ex-perimentation.

King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 2009


A thematic cousin to [Black Sabbath’s] Electric Funeral….

Tim Baker, Facebook comment, 12 Jan 2011


See also Doomed Planet Records.


Trapped on a dying world a world too late to save
Mankind is on the move and he’s marching to his grave
False prophets filled with greed leaders who rule by fear
By their lies they are betrayed and their message crystal clear

We’re living on a doomed planet a planet too late to save
We’re living on a doomed planet mankind’s marching to his grave

Dark clouds foul the sky as the end is well at hand
The acid rain will fall sweeping death across the land
The poison rivers flow to a helpless dying sea
Of the wicked race of man this world will soon be free


Trapped on a dying world, a world of hate and pain
The judgment has arrived and the verdict is insane
The masses cringe in fear for their sentence has arrived
May the punishment be slow and the guilty flayed alive



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