Song Death Of The Sun (1984 version) • Performed by Cirith UngolWritten 1977
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This was written already in 1977 by Robert Garven. Or 1978 with Greg Lindstrom by Interview with Iconic Heavy Rock/Doom Legends. This version is a re-recording from the version that appeared on Brian Slagel’s Metal Massacre 1-sampler. Personally I prefer the ’82 version from Metal Massacre.


A re-recorded “Death of The Sun” brings in side two. And while a bit less over-the-top than the amazing “Metal Massacre” version, it still goes hand in hand with the direction and sound of the record.

King Fowley, liner notes


Burning in its savage fury
Our fates accept not judge or jury
Helpless we must watch it done
For i have seen the Death of the Sun

We are coming to the end
I see my life and i have sinned
It’s too late to change our ways
For man has seen his final days

Solar winds that parch the land
Minions are wasted by Satans hand
A molten globe will torch the sky
As mankind bleats his final cry!



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