Song Cirith Ungol Tribute • Performed by AxevyperOriginally by Cirith Ungol
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This is a tribute to Cirith Ungol by Axevyper guitarist Guido “Barbaresque” Tiberi. Guido previously played in the band Assedium, which did a cover of Black Machine, and also Hyborian Steel which which played a cover of War Eternal. He has also guested with the tribute band Finger of Scorn.


Description (by Guido Tiberi):

this is a humble, raw yet heartfelt tribute to my favorite band.

It’s an instrumental medley of many great Ungol songs. All instruments played & recorded by me. All credit goes of course to Cirith Ungol, the real masters of dark, epic and magic heavy metal.

Dedicated to the memory of Jerry Fogle, one of the greatest guitarists ever lived. LONG LIVE THE TOWER OF FIRE.



Songs list

  1. Join The Legion (riff and solo)
  2. Atom Smasher (solo finale and refrain)
  3. Chaos Descends (main riff)
  4. Nadsokor (solo)
  5. Frost And Fire (solo, refrain and main riff)
  6. Finger Of Scorn (intro)
  7. King Of The Dead (intro)
  8. One Foot In Hell (main riff and refrain)
  9. Cirith Ungol (intro)
  10. Chaos Rising (main riff and finale)




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