Rob’s fourth favourite Ungolsong. One of my personal top 3 on this record. Is this perhaps a predeccor to Chaos Rising, which appears on the follow-up album Paradise Lost?


“Chaos Descends” is definitively a throwback to the horror soundscape that fits the band so well and is without doubt a stand out song in the album. This type of song is where their strength is!

King Fowley, liner notes 1999


“Chaos Descends” was a slogan used for the ad for Frost and Fire. It can be seen here.



The might of chaos descends as we join the fight
Against our common foe the jaws of fate
War unleashed the stench of spells
As we thrust our fists into the face of hell

Chaos descends

The final battle begins left or right who decides?
Their mortal terror touches the sky
The beasts of hell blacken heaven’s eye
We shout our fear to a soulless sky

Chaos descends

Ashes to ashes war sweeps the land
Burn the world the curse of man
No one heeds the call judgement day
Their iron dream swept away



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