Opener “Blood And Iron” instantly showed the band ith a more traditional heavy metal approach (and production). with an arrangement not far off from the “traditional” metal style of an Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Surely not a bad tune but severely primitive and somewhat “happy” for a band as musically dark and challenging as Cirith Ungol can be.

King Fowley, liner notes Jan 1999.

A fanvideo with lyrics

And another one, less professional, but more creative in a funny way:



The tangled web is slowly woven by feeble leaders mankind’s chosen
To satisfy their evil dreams the churning gears of war machines

With iron will they tread across this burning speck of worthless dust
Their metal standards now unfurled they purge the humans from their world

Children of misery centuries long who walked with kings now walk alone
They lie in fear a million deep like cringing herds of human sheep



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