Song A Little Fire • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded on Mon 01 Dec 1980 • Written 1980

Written by Greg Lindstrom.


Lying awake in the dead of night
Listening to my heart beat away
Wishing I wasn’t alone here tonight
But wishing just gets in the way

I just want, I just want a little fire [2x]

The night’s so cold when you’re all alone
At least it’s always been cold to me
And the clock ticks away, ticks away, ticks away
And the clock settles in around me

I just want, I just want a little fire [2x]

You might be wondering just how it feels
Well I hope you never know
‘Cause I know exactly how it feels
It’s all I ever know

I just want, I just want a litte fire [4x]
Fire, fire



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