Record Rock’n’Roll Terrorists • Band Static LaughterReleased 2001 • Format CD, demo
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Rock’n’Roll Terrorists also known as Demo II with a Cirith Ungol cover.

Static Laughter plays Black Psycho Punk’n’Roll sexclusively!

  • CD-R; self-released
  1. Nebelgeschwader
  2. Rock & Roll Terrorist
  3. Herr der Eiswelt
  4. Lichtfetzenflug
  5. Sehnsucht nach dem Sturm
  6. Fuck off and Die! (Evil Vampiric Scum)
  7. Dance of Despair
  8. Friß Scheiße!
  9. Ascheregen (Instrumental)
  10. Im Sturm der Erinnerung
  11. Untermenschenjagd
  12. Frost & Fire (Cirith Ungol cover)
Origin: Germany




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