Record Possession (unknown title) • Band PossessionReleased 1979 • Format demo
Sandwich Meat
Come for Me
Organized Chaos
Theme from Possession (Instrumental)
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Demo from the Ventura band Possession. From ca. 1979.

  • Mark Hull – Guitars, Vocals on 1, 2
  • Michael Vujea – Bass, Vocals on 3
  • unknown – Drums
  • Produced by Greg Lindstrom
  • Guest Lead Guitar on 4 by Greg Lindstrom

Greg Lindstrom recorded/produced “Flint” Vujea’s first band, Possession circa 1979 and played a guest solo. Included on that one is a song with the rather dubious name of “Sandwich Meat”! Dubious perhaps, but worth a good chortling listen in my opinion.

Perry Grayson, 29 Jul 2006



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