Record Frost and Fire / King of the Dead • Band Cirith UngolReleased 1992 • Format compilation
Frost and Fire
I'm Alive
A Little Fire
What Does It Take
Edge Of A Knife
Better Off Dead
Maybe That's Why

Atom Smasher
Black Machine
Master of the Pit
King of the Dead
Death of the Sun
Finger of Scorn
Toccata in Dm
Cirith Ungol
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CD: 1992 (Reborn Classics; RC 1003) - Wed 01 Jan 1992


CD: 1992 (Reborn Classics; RC 1003)

CD: 31 Jan 1995 (One Way Records; OW 30992) - Tue 31 Jan 1995

Two versions:

Almost identical to this one Frost And Fire / King Of The Dead, but without SID code.

Made in Canada for US release.

CD: 31 Jan 1995 (One Way Records; OW 30992)

Compilation including two complete albums: Frost And Fire and King Of The Dead. The first edition was released in 1992 on Reborn Classics. It was the first time these albums were printed on CD.


MettleAngel: I know I purchased all my Cirith Ungol re-masters on Metal Blade, and I just played them the other day. I wanted to ask you if the One Way Records 2 on 1 CD of ‘King Of The Dead’ And ‘Frost & Fire’ is official. This was the first way I was able to get these originally on CD, before the Metal Blade re-issues were unleashed.

Robert: Yeah, that one is official, and even if we were not properly reimbursed, at least we approved of the 2 on 1 release. There were still legal issues though. The Reborn Classics version was not an official release!

MettleAngel: Oh Yeah the Reborn Classics Boots are shit. That guy took everything off vinyl, and sold those boots for a fortune! I fell for a few of those back in the day too. I assumed the One Way Records was legitimate because I got my CD at Barnes & Noble, and they would not sell bootlegs.

Interview Cirith Ungol (MettleAngel)

Check it out: Frost and Fire / King of the Dead

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