Record Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast. Vol I • Band Various artistsReleased 2009 • Format various, vinyl
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Various artists sampler album with a Cirith Ungol cover. Cover of Black Machine and King of the Dead by Cirith Ungol.

  • LP: 2009 (BlindDate Records;) [185g black vinyl, x400]
  • LP: 2009 (BlindDate Records;) [190g white vinyl & deluxe silkscreen wooden box, x300]
  1. Salome – blueprint (Fugazi)
  2. The Austrasian Goat – Mask (Bauhaus)
  3. Atavist – Mindless (Infest)
  4. Coffins – Ebony tears (Cathedral)
  5. Monarch – A look at tomorrow (Discharge)
  6. La Cuenta – It’s in my Blood ! (Bl’ast)
  7. Fistula – Dead in a ditch ( D.R.I)
  8. HC Minds – Black Machine (Cirith Ungol)
A short interview with guitarist/vocalist Isamu Sato of H.C. Minds

What are your relations to Cirith Ungol?

NONE? Except that I have been obssessed with King of the dead, since 1984….?

Why did you choose to cover Cirith Ungol?

Again, it is one of my top 10 albums since 84. The best doom metal that was and still is.

And why exactly Black Machine?

Don’t know. It could have been any tune from King of the dead?? I have recorded king of the dead as well…. But have not shared with anyone since I did it all by myself??

I think Black machine is a master piece and the solo(s) are untouchable… That is why I did not play all of it, just 1/2 of it…. I SUCK!! This solo gets me everytime….
it is full of soul and is not of the blues based kind which makes it more epic!!
The song is super catchy I can not get enough of it after almost 30 years… Holy crap!

Does the song appears on any other records or demos?

This song has only appeared on blind date recs clone comp.

Check it out: Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast. Vol I

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