Record Cirith Ungol tribute • Band Various artistsReleased 2003 • Format CD, unreleased
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Cirith Ungol tribute (Barbarian Wrath, 2003, unreleased)

So where is this tribute album (not be confused with One Foot In Fire, which was released on Solemnity Music in 2005) Gunnar Hansen (Faustcoven) talked about? What happened to the project? Was any of the other recordings ever released or even recorded? I contacted Barbarian Wrath (MySpace, Facebook Page, Group) to get more information about this unreleased Cirith Ungol tribute album. Here is what he had to say about the project:

there were a few other songs “taken” by bands but FAUSTCOVEN, to my best knowledge anyways were the only ones to actually record a cover. Like many good ideas is just faded away with time.

Barbarian Wrath, 01 Mar 2010



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