Record Cirith Uncool / Sara’s Uncool • Band Cirith UngolReleased 1985 • Format cassette, rehearsal
Check it out here:

Side B – Nov 85

  1. 100 MPH – Tim vocal
  2. Chaos Descends – Rob vocal
  3. Song A – Jerry lead
  4. Nadsokor – Rob vocal
  5. One Foot in Hell – Tim vocal
  6. Doomed Planet – Plasma lead (Flint-bass, rhythm guitar)

Side A – circa 1978

  1. Brutish Manchild
  2. ½ Past Human
  3. Am On Rúte
  4. Shelobs Lair
  5. Back In 51
  6. Animal Passion
  • Greg – Bass, L.R. G
  • Rob – Percussion
  • Jerry – Guitars

Source: Cirith Ungol roadie and friend Patrick Lysaght

That is a cassette that Flint (his handwriting) gave to one of our roadies Pat Lycett. It was probably just a gift or sample of some music for our friend.

– Robert, March 2019

Check it out: Cirith Uncool / Sara’s Uncool

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