46 years ago today: Cirith Ungol live, Benefit Concert @ The Foster Park Bowl, Ventura

Cirith Ungol

 Cirith Ungol was a Ventura, Californian heavy metal band who formed in 1972 and split up in May 1992. Then in many years, they reunited from 2015 (session) and 2016 (concert). They drew influences from other metal groups such as Read more…


 Osteographia, or The anatomy of the bones William Cheselden (19 Oct 1688 – 10 Apr 1752) is author on a book. This image is called plate 36 (XXXVI). See the further here on this site. Praying Skeleton Logo Cirith Ungol is Read more…

Cirith Ungol Mark History

  Line-ups Instruments Written by (Lyrics by) Music by Songs Not completed – not finished, yet. ————————————————– 1969 – 72 (Titanic) Line-up Jerry Fogle (guitar) 1969 – 87 Greg Lindstrom (bass and vocals) 1969 – 82, 2015 – now Robert Garven (drums and Read more…

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