Article Midwest Militia #1 • Published on Sun 01 Jan 1984
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An interview with Robert Garven in Metal Militia #1, 1983/4.

The interview was uploaded by Scott Carroll (Cianide) on the Miskatonic Forum some years ago. The comments below of Angelo Tringali (Cold Mourning, The Lord Weird Slough Feg) and Perry Grayson (Falcon) were originally posted on the Miskatonic Forum. Thanks to Perry for sending me this!

Description (from Rockadrome):

Midwest Militia No.1. First issue of short-lived (only 3 issues made) heavy metal fanzine from 1984 that kicked off my whole career in music. Pretty typical for homemade fanzines from that period, this was printed on a real press though. Includes interviews with Witch Slayer, Cirith Ungol, Malice, Virgin Steele and Breaker, plus news, record reviews, demo reviews and a live review. Comes with a Cirith Ungol sticker. This particular zine was autographed by Anthrax’s Frank Bello when they were in Chicago plyaing with Raven.




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