Metal Blade to re-issue CIRITH UNGOL albums on vinyl on June, 12th 2015

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- 29/04/15 –
CIRITH UNGOL are legendary, their logo patches decorate even 20 years after the band broke up countless Kutten worldwide, even of Heavy Metal fans who were not even born at that time. This is due to the unique, inimitable sound of the Californian quartet which is timeless, yet classic and can be summarized in one word – magical!
CIRITH UNGOL stand for heavy metal with soul and depth, its class is unique and they are considered as pioneers of the scene and inspiration for armies of bands.
Metal Blade will now re-issue the long out of print classics “Frost And Fire”, “King Of The Dead” and “One Foot In Hell” on vinyl!
“Frost And Fire”:
500 copies black 180 g
300 copies green/yellow splattered
200 copies clear/green splattered (High Roller exclusive)
“King Of The Dead”:
500 copies black 180 g
300 copies violet marbled
200 copies clear/blue splattered (High Roller exclusive)
“One Foot In Hell”:
500 copies black 180 g
300 copies dark purple marbled
200 copies clear/red splattered (High Roller exclusive)
All vinyl come with a free poster!

Source: ... -on-vinyl/

Frost and Fire
King of the Dead
One Foot in Hell
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