Rumours and discussions about new 2017 album

Discuss Cirith Ungol, Ciruth Ungle, Cirith Uncool, Serious Uncool and Sarah's Uncle.
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I will try to collect all hints about a new upcoming album here: ... ngol-album

I know there might be a few fans who might not wish them to record another album, in the fear it will suck and ruin their legacy. And I do understand them as a lot of comeback albums are really just a shade of them self. I on the other hand will welcome anything they do. I have faith it will kick ass. Just look at the reunion show. While the boys might look a few days older than 25 years ago, they sounded just like their last concert in 1991 was yesterday! A new album will probably also contain some old songs, songs that has written in the 1970's or 80's, but never properly recorded, or never recorded at all. So it will for sure sound Cirith Ungol. Another factor is that all the conflicts and issues they had around and after Paradise Lost, seem to finally have been solved.

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A new album is soooo welcome! Back in the 1980's I was reading The Lord Of The Rings when I first heard Cirith Ungol's King Of The Dead. From that day on I felt that Tim Baker's voice would fit the Nazgul from the book like no other voice im this world. I never heard a voice sounding that mean, sick and eery again. The album to me was a milestone and still brings a smile on my face whenever I listen to it. I really hope CU manage to release an album as strong as KOTD, with the same strong vibes. I can't wait to order that new album and hear that Nazgul scream again!
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