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I wrote on Facebook Cirith Ungol About, that it was about Cirith Ungol, members, metal (true epic heavy doom metal etc), domains (,, etc). But in May 2020, Facebook had removed.
Yes, it was deleted on Facebook .
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like false advertising, fraud and security breaches.

We don't allow people to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a way that's misleading to others.

We define spam as things like:

• Repeating the same comment
• Getting fake likes, follows, shares or video views
• Coordinating likes and shares to mislead others about the popularity of something


And here is "spam":

This is Like, and therefor is spam. This is Link not allowed. Instagram from Facebook.

And btw, here is a "no fake" woman:
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We reviewed the profile you reported and found that it doesn't go against any of our Community Standards.
It is real woman with bikinis and bunch of links and we having to pay for this for another naked woman. With Facebook's Help Team.

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Facebook Messenger
Bella: I'm so horny
Dani: ok
Bella: If you want?
Click 👇👇👇
Dani: not interested
Bella: If you have registered,
I'll show you my sweet pussy in front of the camera 😘

But this is also not spam by the way.

But said this is fine and normal.
We cannot see issues on your domain/hosting from end at the moment.

There isn't no record on your domain from our end for suspension due to spam though.
Everything is fine from our end.


- Yeah that's silly. But still, I'd rather should be on Facebook's Ungol, not this.

EDIT: Finally is back on September :o
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