Edition PD: (Metal Blade Records ‎– 142521) [pd] • Record Frost and FireBand Cirith UngolReleased Fri 13 Jul 2012
Check it out here:

Metal Blade will soon be putting out picture discs of Frost and Fire. Official picture discs of King of the Dead and One Foot in Hell was released in 2005. All previous issues of Frost and Fire picture discs are bootlegs.

On the 13th/16th of July Metal Blade will release the following picture discs:

AMON AMARTH – Fate Of Norns
CIRITH UNGOL – Frost And Fire
POWERWOLF – Blood Of The Saints

All three picture discs will be limited to 500 copies each!


Check it out: PD: (Metal Blade Records ‎– 142521) [pd]

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