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A pre-Cirith Ungol band active 1969-72.

  • Robert Garven (drums and vocals)
  • Jerry Fogle (guitar)
  • Greg Lindstrom (bass and vocals)
  • Pat Galligan (guitar and vocals).


I think the only reason Pat and Rob got me involved was because I had an amp! Three guitars plugged into one 15 watt amp and Rob with just a snare drum and hi-hat trying to play Beatles songs. I wish I had a tape, it would be hilarious !

Greg Lindstrom, interview by Patrick Lefevre


Rob Garven and I first met in English class in 7th grade in 1969, and we found we had common interests in Ferraris and The Lord Of The Rings. A couple of years later in 1971, another guy in our school named Pat Galligan (later a member of the punk band The Angry Samoans) wanted to form a band called Titanic with Jerry Fogle to mostly play Beatles’ songs. For some reason they got Rob in to play drums (even though he didn’t have any drums and didn’t know how to play), and Rob called me because I had an amplifier. In the very beginning, there were three of us playing guitar through one amplifier and Rob with just a snare drum and hi hat! Well, I’ve never been a big Beatles fan, so I was pushing us to play heavier stuff like Cream and Grand Funk. Pat wasn’t into that, so Jerry, Rob and I quit Titanic in 1972 and formed Cirith Ungol.

Greg Lindstrom, BallBuster interview


Titanic did not release any albums (believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear it, anyway),

Greg Lindstrom


Summer of 1970 – That’s Jerry on the right with his $39 Kent guitar, Pat Galligan on 2nd guitar in the plaid shirt next to Rob, and me way in back with my Hofner Beatle bass copy. We were either playing a Beatles or CCR song…
Greg Lindstrom commenting on the photo on FB, 28 Jan 2015




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