Prophecy was a Californian metal band and Cirith Ungol’s little brother band. Jim Barraza played guitars in this band before he joined Cirith Ungol. They often toured with or warmed up for Cirith Ungol. They are being thanked in the cover for King of the Dead and One Foot in Hell, while Tim Baker, Flint and Cirith Ungol are being thanked in the Prophecy’s white tape demo. Flint joined the band for their farewell concert. Nam Salad is Salad Man.

Prophecy Reunion Jam on 30th Oct 2016 or earlier:

  • Scott Campbell
  • Darryl Johnson Panco
  • Calvin Meuser
  • Marc Dole

Darryl Johnson’s Studio.


27th April 2017, Scott Campbell has passed away





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