Band Nupraptor
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The band started with 2015. Matt St. Ours doing covers of Black Machine (Cirith Ungol cover).

Two years in 2017, he started with Nupraptor.

* Matt St. Ours – all instruments
* Toby Valmas – lead guitars (Tracks 3, 4)
* Ryan Famolaro – additional lyrics (Track 6)
* Robert Garven – album cover artwork (1974)
* Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Lion City in Overlea, MD.


NUPRAPTOR – The Heresiarch

  • CD (500) – Store/sold (out)
  • VINYL (100 Black) – Store/sold (out)
  • VINYL (200 Splatter/Color) – Store/sold (out)
  • VINYL (XXX Yellow) – Unsold
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  • CASSETTE (50 Blue) – Store/sold (out)(?)
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  • DIGITAL – Store


Message from Robert Garven:

I created the original art for this album. I have more original art from that era if anyone is interested! It was when I was younger, before I learned “The Riddle of Steel”


Message from the band:

Nupraptor is releasing the debut full-length “The Heresiarch” with Shadow Kingdom Records. The incredible cover art was created by Cirith Ungol’s own Robert Garven back in 1974! If you’re into Warning, Saint Vitus, Count Raven, Revelation and the like…this is right down your alley. Inspired by only the best doom and keeping that flame burning strong. I hope anyone who is interested will give this a go and I sincerely hope you enjoy it..a lot went into making it.