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M.I.A. (SPIDERHEADS) formed in 1980 (Ventura/Oxnard California).

  • John Morris – Bass
  • Johnny Brewton – Drums
  • Dave Casillas – Rhythm / lead Guitar
  • P.J. Galligan – Lead Guitar
  • Joey (Joe Eddy) – Vocals + Bass on Pipeline


“1982 Rehearsal Tape” from 1982 (rehearsal/demo)

    All songs © 1980-2018 M.I.A. – Spiderhead Music. except for Pipeline. MIA appeared on the 1983 Life is Beautiful so Why Not Eat Health Foods compilation LP. We are currently looking for a label to release our 1982 Demos. Special thanks to Kristy Lee for the tape and driving us to gigs!

    Dave and John M. went on to join Stalag 13, Johnny Brewton joined The Wuffy Dogs. Johnny and Joe Eddy formed DV8. Johnny later formed Frankenstein, Joe Eddy moved to Davis and formed Shit Howdy, PJ was also in The Angry Samoans.

    1. Last Day at the Races
    2. No Exit
    3. Escapees
    4. Fat Slob
    5. Groupie Slutz
    6. American Dream
    7. Stop M.F!
    8. Missing or Captured
    9. Day in the Life
    10. Religious Dogs
    11. Pipeline


    “The Original!” from 1983 (demo)

    A1 Last Day At The Races
    A2 Excapes
    A3 Fag
    A4 Fat Slob
    A5 Groupie Sluts
    A6 Stop M.F.
    A7 The American Dream
    A8 Missing or Captured
    A9 Religious Dogs
    A10 A Day In The Life
    A11 Calm Down



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