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Hard Stuff were an English hard rock group 1971-1973 which included John Du Cann and Paul Hammond, formerly of Atomic Rooster. Also in the line-up were vocalist Harry Shaw, formerly of Curiosity Shoppe and latterly Export, and John Gustafson, formerly of Quatermass.

Du Cann and Hammond had left Atomic Rooster due to disagreements with Vincent Crane over the increasingly bluesy, soulful direction in which he wanted to take that band. Consequently, compared with Atomic Rooster’s more progressive leanings, Hard Stuff were based more heavily on aggressive guitar. (Text taken from Wikipedia)

I was in a heavy metal band “CIrith Ungol” for 22 years and these guys were one of my favorite bands and influences. I would highly reccommend this for any fan of heavy metal or hard rock.

Robert Garven, review on Amazon 20 May 2007

Cirith Ungol has played covers of Hard Stuff. Unfortunately I have no info about which, when and where. Probably Time Gambler or Sinister Minister according to Perry.