Band Faustcoven
Concerts Year
Hell Over Hammaburg 2014Sat 01 Mar 2014
Til Dovre Faller, 2014Sat 20 Sep 2014
Høstsabbath 2015Sat 26 Sep 2015
Revolver, 2019Fri 01 Mar 2019
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Faustcoven is a black/doom metal band from Norway, founded in 2002 by Gunnar Hansen. Faustcoven is aiming for a heavier, more gloomy sound than the usual sound of modern black metal bands. In an interview by The Metal Crypt, asked about his inspirations for Faustcoven’s style, Hansen stated the following:

I wanted to do something completely different, something darker and heavier. I also am heavily into old doom metal, and saw that the sound and heaviness of bands like Saint Vitus and Pentagram was very compatible with the more evil and frentic approach of Bathory, Venom and Mercyful Fate. And I just loved the idea of combining it into something both heavy and sinister.

Faustcoven Interview

Faustcoven played live for the first time at the Hole In The Sky festival in Bergen, Norway the 26th of August 2009. They have done a cover of Cirith Ungol which is available on their demo collection The Priest’s Command.



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