Band Cirith Ungol
Concerts Country Year
Peace rally gig @ VenturaUSASat 01 Jan 1972
Mini Pop Festival @ Larabee StadiumUSAMon 21 Feb 1972
At The CatacombsUSAFri 28 Apr 1972
At Louie’s LifeUSAFri 23 Feb 1973
Benefit Concert @ the Foster Bowl, VenturaUSASun 20 May 1973
Heaviest Metal Known To Man @ Ventura FairgroundsUSASat 22 May 1976
Heaviest Metal Known To Man – Dance Concert @ Ojai Art CenterUSAFri 30 Jul 1976
Battle of the Bands @ Nat’l Guard ArmouryUSAMon 09 Aug 1976
Halloween Party • Dance @ Nat’l Guard ArmoryUSASat 30 Oct 1976
Heavy Metal @ Starwood, HollywoodUSASat 01 Jan 1977
Battle of the Bands @ Ventura FairgroundsUSASun 14 Aug 1977
Heaviest Metal @ Nat’l Guard ArmoryUSASat 25 Mar 1978
Rob’s 23 Birthday @ Camp ComfortUSAFri 22 Jun 1979
Heavy Metal @ Whisky A Go GoUSAMon 23 Jul 1979
Battle of the Bands @ National Guard ArmoryUSAMon 03 Sep 1979
Heavy Metal @ Valley West Concert Club, VenturaUSASat 08 Nov 1980
San Fernando ValleyUSAThu 01 Jan 1981
Concert Club @ Walley WestUSASat 17 Jan 1981
Concert Club @ Valley WestUSAFri 13 Feb 1981
Masters Of Metal @ Xenon WestUSASat 21 Feb 1981
Spring Fever, Rock And Roll in the ParkUSASun 22 Mar 1981
Foster Bowl Rock FestivalUSASat 25 Apr 1981
5 Hours of Face Melting Rock! @ Community CenterUSAFri 27 Nov 1981
Heavy Metal @ Whisky A Go GoUSAThu 07 Jan 1982
The Upper DeckUSAThu 22 Jul 1982
Heavy Metal @ Country Club, ResedaUSAFri 03 Sep 1982
Arlington Theatre, CaliforniaUSASat 01 Jan 1983
Metal Madness @ Country Club, VenturaUSASun 16 Jan 1983
Heavy Metal @ Roxy Club, Los AngelesUSAWed 19 Jan 1983
Masters Of Metal @ Club Soda, ResedaUSAThu 27 Jan 1983
School’s Out Rock ‘n’ Roll Spectacular @ Perkins Palace, CaliforniaUSAFri 17 Jun 1983
Heavy Metal @ Beverly TheatreUSAThu 28 Jul 1983
Country Club, ResedaUSAFri 14 Oct 1983
Masters Of Metal @ Club Soda, Ventura, CaliforniaUSASun 24 Jun 1984
Kings Among Men! @ Ventura Fairgrounds Gem & Mineral BuildingUSASat 27 Oct 1984
Heavy Metal @ Wolf & Rissmiller’s Country Club, Reseda, CaliforniaUSAFri 09 Nov 1984
Heavy Metal @ Santa Monica Club, CaliforniaUSAFri 30 Nov 1984
Heavy Metal Masters @ John’s MusicUSAFri 07 Dec 1984
Opening for Loudness @ Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaUSAFri 05 Apr 1985
The Masters of Black Metal @ Arlington TheatreUSAThu 25 Apr 1985
La Casa de la RazaUSAWed 15 May 1985
Heavy Metal Masters @ Ojai Art CenterUSASat 18 May 1985
Heir Apparent to the Heavy Metal Throne! @ Huntington’sUSAThu 22 May 1986
Halloween Bash @ Channel Island CinemaUSAFri 31 Oct 1986
Masters Of Metal @ Gazzarri’sUSASat 23 Jul 1988
unknown gigUSATue 01 Jan 1991
Club Soda, Ventura, CaliforniaUSAMon 01 Apr 1991
Anaconda TheatreUSAFri 12 Jul 1991
The last concert @ Ventura Theater, CaliforniaUSAFri 13 Dec 1991
Meet and Greet @ Frost and Fire FestUSASat 17 Oct 2015
Meet & Greet @ Keep It True XIXGermanySat 30 Apr 2016
The Kings Of The Dead Have Risen @ Frost and Fire Fest IIUSASat 08 Oct 2016
First ever European show @ Keep It True XX, GermanyGermanySun 30 Apr 2017
Up the Hammers XIIGreeceSat 27 May 2017
Defenders of the Old Festival IVUSASat 17 Jun 2017
Chaos Descends FestivalGermanyFri 21 Jul 2017
Psycho Las VegasUSASun 20 Aug 2017
Frost and Fire Fest IIIUSASat 07 Oct 2017
Days of Darkness FestivalUSASat 28 Oct 2017
Hammer of Doom XIIGermanySat 18 Nov 2017
ODIN’s BattlefieldGreeceSat 24 Feb 2018
Hell’s Heroes FestivalUSASat 21 Apr 2018
NYDM Milwaukee Spring BashUSASun 22 Apr 2018
Frost and Fire LondonUKFri 11 May 2018
Cirith Ungol | Night Demon – Kultur Palast HamburgGermanyWed 16 May 2018
Rock Hard FestivalGermanySat 19 May 2018
Muskelrock på Tyrolen 2018SwedenThu 31 May 2018
Frost and Fire Fest IVUSAThu 04 Oct 2018
Legions Of Metal FestivalUSAFri 17 May 2019
Northwest Terror Fest 2019USAThu 30 May 2019
Bang Your Head FestivalGermanyThu 11 Jul 2019
Setembro Negro FestivalBrazilFri 13 Sep 2019
Blow Up @ FinlandFinlandThu 10 Oct 2019
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Cirith Ungol was a Californian heavy metal band who formed in 1972 and split up in May 1992. Then in many years, they reunited from 2015 (session) and 2016 (concert).

They drew influences from other metal groups such as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, as well as Iggy and the Stooges. Their first album, Frost and Fire, was closer to a hybrid between 1970s hard rock and metal with songs written by then bassist and guitarist Greg Lindstrom and drummer Robert Garven, but from King of the Dead and onwards they played a progressive rock influenced brand of doom metal with songs primarily written by vocalist Tim Baker.



The band began with Greg Lindstrom, Robert Garven, Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan (who would later go on to play guitar for Angry Samoans) playing in their first band “Titanic” in high school. With a desire to play heavier music, the rest of the band dumped Pat and reformed in 1972 as Cirith Ungol with Neal Beattie on vocals. It wasn’t until 1980 that they were signed by Enigma and released their first record Frost and Fire with Tim Baker on vocals. After their fourth album Paradise Lost, they split up due to frustration caused by problems with their new record company. The year 2001 saw the light of a new Cirith Ungol album which contained old and unreleased demos and songs, but no new material. The album was supported by both Greg and Rob, but not by Tim.

Lindstrom now plays with his new band Falcon, who play some old Cirith Ungol songs. Founding guitarist Jerry Fogle died from liver failure on August 20, 1998.


The name

They took their name from the place Cirith Ungol in J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. The name Cirith Ungol is Elvish and means “Pass of the Spider”. While the place in Tolkien’s book is pronounced “kirith ungol”, the band pronounced it “sirith ungol”. The band said in a later interview they had some problems with the name:

Everyone in the band was a big “Sword and Sorcery” literature fan, especially Greg [Lindstrom, guitars] and I. He would always turn us on to the great writers who gave us inspiration for our music. We read all the books… Conan, Bran Mak Morn, etcetera, but the books that stood out in my mind are Michael Moorcock’s masterpieces: Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum among others. Greg Lindstrom and I met at an English Literature class where the teacher was reading Lord of the Rings… and Greg and I read it and it had an influence on our music and feelings. In retrospect I wish we had picked something easier to remember because a lot of our trouble has been over our name. People couldn’t pronounce it or remember it, but we figured once they did they wouldn’t forget it! We’ve humorously been called “Sarah’s Uncle” and “Serious Uncool,” for example! I know other bands are using the Tolkien angle. Led Zeppelin even made references to it in their earlier songs. I think he was an influence both then and now on many people.

Robert Garven


I remember some other possible band names we were conpagering: Minas Tirith, Khazad Dum, and Uruk Hai, all names from “The Lord Of The Rings”. Rob and I both liked J.R.R. Tolkien and Enzo Ferrari, so we knew our songs would cover both those subjects!

Greg Lindstrom