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Bang is an American heavy metal band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, active briefly in the early 1970s. The group released three albums on Capitol Records, and had one minor hit single with “Questions”, which reached #90 on the Billboard Hot 100. They were strongly influenced by Black Sabbath, and are considered forerunners to the doom metal genre. The group briefly reformed in the early 2000s and recorded 2 more CDs worth of music. In 2004 the concept album “Death Of A Country” was released on CD and LP. This album was recorded in 1971 and was intended to be released as the band’s first record, but was shelved by Capitol Records because they did not feel that putting out a “heavy concept album” as the band’s debut would be commercially viable. Later that year, their self-titled sophomore record was released and became their official debut instead. On January 6, 2014 Bang announced their reunion. (Text taken from Wikipedia)

The song Idealist Realist was included on Greg Lindstrom’s Heavy Rockin’ Raw compilation CD. Falcon has covered the song Redman for their debut album in 2004.