Artist William Cheselden • Date of birth Tue 19 Oct 1688 • R.I.P. Mon 10 Apr 1752

William Cheselden was an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy and surgery, who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical profession. Via the medical missionary Benjamin Hobson, his work also helped revolutionize medical practices in China and Japan in the 19th century.

In 1733 he published Osteographia or the Anatomy of Bones, the first full and accurate description of the anatomy of the human skeletal system.

He wrote and paint it in a book. It’s called plate 36 (XXXVI). There are three papers with skeleton. One with the text – “THE fide view of the fceleton…” (0125), the other is skeleton with letters (0126) and the third and last one is without letters (0202). See it Historical Anatomies Home on the Web, bio anté (French) and The Public Domain Reviews.

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See it here:


THE fide view of the fceleton of a very robust man, put into this attitude to represent the figure in a larger fcale.

A The bones of the cranium.
B The bones of the face.
C The jaws.
D The spinal procelles of a vertebræ of the neck.
E Scapula.
F F Os humeri.
G G Radius & ulna.
H The bones of the hand.
I The ribs.
K The cartilages of the fternum.
L The spinal procelles of the vertebræ of the loins.
M M Os innominatum.
N Os facrum.
O Os femoris.
P Patella.
Q Tibia and fibula.
R The bones of the feet.



Long after he died, a band named Cirith Ungol, it gives the logo “Praying Skeleton” 1977 until now. See the logos here in this site.


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