Artist Perry Grayson • Date of birth Wed 12 Mar 1975

Perry Mitchell Grayson is the founder and mastermind of Falcon, founded 2002. The trio consists of Perry Grayson (Destiny’s End, etc), Greg Lindstrom (Cirith Ungol) and Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine, etc). Greg thanks him for pulling him out of musical retirement after twenty years! He has also contributed a lot to this website. He has also been in various bands before.


Other Bands

  • Stormhaven (1995 – 1996)
  • Destiny’s End (Guitar from Aug. 1997 to April 2001)
  • Artisan (Guitar & Vox from June 2000 to September 2003)
  • Isen Torr (Guitar & Backing Vox from July 2003 to Present)
  • Moonshine (short period, to May 2010)
  • Pale Divine (Bass, 2005-2008 ?)
  • Perry Grayson & Friends (2011-2020 ?)


Tsathoggua Press publisher (from 1994), Metal Maniacs (1999-2009), Heavy Rockin’ Raw radio show host (2018-2019)

As a writer I’ve contributed to such diverse outlets as Scream FactoryNecrofileOther DimensionsCrypt of CthulhuSnakepitFungiPsychedelicSnap Pop!,,

I served as editor on chapbooks such as The Eye above the MantelThe Darkling Tide and Escape from Tomorrow by Frank Belknap Long, Clark Ashton Smith: The Sorcerer Departs by Donald Sidney Fryer and The First World Fantasy Convention: The Interviews.



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