I have to explain it. I have working since about 2006 until Dec 2020 on Cirith Ungol and related projects. Amongst others, topic is Bootlegs on Cirith Ungol sites and/or the group. But Dec 2020 it is serious conflict between Iron Grip (record/manager Jarvis Leatherby, Night Demon and Cirith Ungol) and Cirith Ungol Online. So we have not Cirith Ungol sites or groups any more. I like Cirith Ungol, but not love them anymore. So I kinda lost it. Please go to the OFFICIAL sites. Iron Grip wins 😈, fan lost 😥
Thank you for all of the best!
For example, the song Show Your All on Official Bandcamp, not on Youtube at all. Show Your All (Youtube) is linked to Show Your All (Bandcamp). See the picture on Bandcamp in cirithungol.org/song/show-you-all.
Cirith Ungol Online Youtube Fan

Contributing to the website
“I found content on the website that are a property of me used without permissions and should be removed”
- If you think anything on this website is used illegally, please either comment under the appropriate item, post on the forum or send an email to the webmaster. (from cirithungol.org)

This was the orange album demo and Brutish Manchild single. Iron Grip has not sent my email from him, but reported Youtube(❗) on Cirith Ungol Online videos. Unfortunately, Youtube explains:
  • You now have 2 copyright strikes.
  • Strikes expire after 90 days, as long as you complete Copyright School.
  • Cirith Ungol Online Youtube is temporary banned from Youtube and also removed all from CU music Youtubes.
Youtube has sent me tons of mails from 2 months. Iron Grip has not contacted my email at all. He contacted and reported Youtube instead of me. It is also not possible to have 30 seconds sample also from Iron Grip.

Iron Grip says: Illegal and stealing from the band!
Decibel Magazine - SoundCloud

All singles mentions there on the Official Decibel Magazine for free, except Brutish Manchild single.
Youtube Fan, band is Prophecy, release is white demo cassette. Related to Cirith Ungol.

This is legal and free of course. Scott Campbell has sent from 2013.
Youtube Fan

Illegal and stealing from the band ? it is still on Youtube.
Youtube Ads, and he has earn and make money from every clicks.

Illegal and stealing from the band ? it is still on Youtube.

Illegal and stealing from the band ?
Bootleg CD/LP/MC - best of

Illegal and stealing from the band ?
Bootleg CD/LP/MC - live

Illegal and stealing from the band ?
Bootleg DVD

Illegal and stealing from the band ?
Bootleg T-shirts/sweaters/patches/etc.

Illegal and stealing from the band ?

But he is The Boss, not me.

ps, I dont speak English very well. If you had something, I can explain.