36 years ago today: Cirith Ungol live, Metal Madness @ Country Club, Ventura
3 years ago today: Heavy Issue 15 was published.

Cirith Ungol Mark History

  Line-ups Instruments Written by (Lyrics by) Music by Songs Not completed – not finished, yet. ————————————————– 1969 – 72 (Titanic) Line-up Jerry Fogle (guitar) 1969 – 87 Greg Lindstrom (bass and vocals) 1969 – 82, 2015 – now Robert Garven (drums and Read more…


 Osteographia, or The anatomy of the bones William Cheselden (19 Oct 1688 – 10 Apr 1752) wrote/paint it in a book. It’s called plate 36 (XXXVI). See the further here on this site. Praying Skeleton Logo Cirith Ungol is founded in Read more…