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Cirith Ungol Mark History

  Line-ups Instruments Written by (Lyrics by) Music by Songs Not completed – not finished, yet. ————————————————– 1969 – 72 (Titanic) Line-up Jerry Fogle (guitar) 1969 – 87 Greg Lindstrom (bass and vocals) 1969 – 82, 2015 – now Robert Garven (drums and Read more…


 Osteographia, or The anatomy of the bones William Cheselden (19 Oct 1688 – 10 Apr 1752) wrote/paint it in a book. It’s called plate 36 (XXXVI). See the further here on this site. Praying Skeleton Logo Cirith Ungol is founded in Read more…


Old flyer

  Dennis Bergeron 10:32am May 6 Old flyer

Robert W. Garven Jr. gave 3 stars to: Permatite Dortite Natural Open Cell Rubber Gasketing Sponge, 25′ Length x 3/4″ Width x 7/16″ Height, Black

Robert W. Garven Jr. reviewed:

Permatite Dortite Natural Open Cell Rubber Gasketing Sponge, 25' Length x 3/4" Width x 7/16" Height, Black Permatite
3.0 out of 5 stars Great product but not as sticky as the old stuff, March 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This stuff is great but the glue on the tape is not as strong as it used to be. replaced som in my garage and the old stuff was on there for twenty years rubber fine but still sticking! Cleaned and applied the new stuff and stared peeling off after 1 month……...

Kurt ‘THE CRUSHER” Grothe

  Scott Campbell 10:06pm Feb 23 Kurt ‘THE CRUSHER" Grothe Susan Crawford 10:07pm Feb 23 When did we lose The Crusher? Patrick Lysaght 10:15pm Feb 23 Susan Buley Crawford we lost Kurt 27 years ago. Patrick Lysaght 10:18pm Feb 23 Read more…

Ventura has lost some very talented musicians over…

  Patrick Lysaght 4:36am Feb 11 Ventura has lost some very talented musicians over the years let us now pay memorial tribute with our Pics, Videos, and words…. Scott Campbell 7:53am Feb 11 Somebody post conspiracy mp3’s!!!!!!!

RIP…Mark and Henry

  Patrick Lysaght 12:51am Feb 10 RIP…Mark and Henry Scott Campbell 8:04am Feb 11 Yeah dude! Jeff Cowan 5:04am Feb 19 I think that we recorded that record in on night.. Ronda Aldridge 9:30pm Mar 13 Ricky misses these guys Read more…

Need a U.S. Tour….Orlando/Tampa,Florida.

  Bill Newton 10:10pm Jan 15 Need a U.S. Tour….Orlando/Tampa,Florida. Falcon 3:33am Jan 16 No tours booked currently, Bill. We hope to eventually get on a festival bill at some point.

Capsule Reviews of Weird Horror and SciFi

The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (2009) The Strain is Guillermo Del Toro’s first foray into the world of the novel, and he fails.  The Strain the first book in a vampire epic trilogy and thankfully the creatures aren’t sweet and sexy like in Twilight.  It is also a comic and soon