Blow Up @ Finland

 CIRITH UNGOL If life was fair Cirith Ungol would always be mentioned next to legends of doom as such as Trouble and Candlemass – but for some reason, the stars weren’t aligned for the Californians. The band’s second album King Read more…

Patrick W. Engel

 Die Wontcha and Witch’s Game is Mastered By Patrick W. Engel. Temple of Disharmony

July, 21st, 1961. Happy birthday, Jeff

  Danielle Love 5:57am Jul 22 July, 21st, 1961. Happy birthday, Jeff John Doane 7:16am Jul 22 Man ,,, we lost so many ?? Lisa Poush Koppelman 2:24pm Jul 22 Wow…born and died exactly twenty years apart.

Hat tip jimmy… UNGOL @ xenon / nicholbys As alwa…

  Scott Campbell 5:22am Jul 11 Hat tip jimmy…UNGOL @ xenon / nicholbysAs always I’m right in the front!…. Yep I actually had hair!…..anyone know the date? 87′? Scott Campbell 5:30am Jul 11 Great Times!!