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A Little Fire LIVE

I just received some really cool news that needs to be shared with all Ungolfans out there! Californian cult metal legends CIRITH UNGOL will release

A weekend with Cirith Ungol

A lucky fan had the opportunity to have a day with some of the remaining members of Cirith Ungol on Sunday 10th October 2010. This

About the website

History The first official Cirith Ungol website was run by Rob Garven himself from ca 1999. Then a new site was launched by Bart Gabriel ca 2007-2009. After

Blood And Iron Records

The underground metal label and mailorder Blood and Iron Records, are named after this underground metal song. Website Facebook Youtube MySpace

Cirith Ungol Comeback

In short: Cirith Ungol broke up in May 1992. There will probably never be a comeback. UPDATE: Cirith Ungol is back! 2015.   The being

Cirith Ungol comeback news!

This announcement is in German. Nach knapp zwei Dekaden des Wartens kündigt sich im Underground eine kleinere Sensation an. Die beiden früheren CIRITH UNGOL-Musiker Tim Baker

Erotic Ungol

I accidently stumbled upon what seems to be the new Cirith Ungol logo. Credit goes to Spookykids.net

Eternal War Records

The record label Eternal War Records are named after this song. Check out their MySpace-site.


Both Rob and Greg have been long time fans Formula 1 cars, in particular Ferrari cars. Some of the band’s songs are even inspired by F1


A list of records that thanks / hails / greets / namedropps Cirith Ungol in the cover. Morbid Tales – CELTIC FROST (1984) To Mega Therion


Some people are interested in which equipment the band used. Greg Lindstrom Basses ’67 Rickenbacker 4000 ’69 Gibson Thunderbird ’72 Acoustic (Mosrite) Black Widow ’76


Praying Skeleton Logo The praying skeleton logo is our own design, dating back to around 1977. -Greg Lindstrom This is the most common logo. It

Record labels

Enigma Records Founded by William Hein & Wesley Hein in Torrance, CA. Enigma was initially part of an independent music importer/distributor Greenworld Distribution, but split

The Gate 2 (movie)

Gate II or Gate 2: The Trespassers. Tim Baker was performing in the 1990 horror movie The Gate 2. Sadly his scenes was cut off for