Official Cirith Ungol TS/LS



  • Praying Skeletons Classic Tee
  • The Fellowship
  • King of the Dead
  • Frost and Fire
  • Join the Legion
  • Metal Cares 2017
  • Witch’s Game

David Paul Semor:

Cirith Ungol “Thunder Howls. The King Will Rise Again”: Many thanks to David Paul Seymour for this amazing King of the Dead artwork. We are honored to be featured in his upcoming film The Planet of Doom. Shirts available in our webstore. Limited quantities available.


Metal Cares 2017:

METAL CARES 2017 This year, our big brothers in Cirith Ungol have gotten in on the action to combine forces with us for an amazing T-shirt for the 2017 edition of Metal Cares. Campaign runs until 03/03/17.

Night Demon


These two Frost and Fire II: Many thank to Brian Cräbaugh from Timewarrior for the amazing artwork on our festival shirts. Limited quantities will be available this weekend.